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Galerakis Construction recommends super-efficient metal buildings!

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Nowadays, prefabricated metal constructions are within the preferences of people. This alternative construction method has been used in important public projects as the construction of bridges, stadiums, industrial buildings etc.

In ancient years, Egyptians and Greeks used to build their temples, implementing the basic technique of prefabricated construction. Furthermore, being in an era featuring art development, we observe a remarkable innovative idea. The famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci suggested that the buildings foundations be constructed on the spot, while the rest of the building was constructed with prefabricated units.

These days, the material that is used for metal buildings construction is the steel. The building’s life duration and its security depend a lot on this material. It offers superior resistance in atmospheric corrosion and provides double life duration in relation with the concrete. Moreover, steel is a really light and flexible material.

The continued success of prefabricated metal buildings lies in their supreme advantages:

  • Their construction and combination of materials offers heat, moisture and sound insulation of the highest degree in relation with the concrete buildings.
  • In case of a strong earthquake, metal constructions undergo a displacement of 4 mm, because of their great elasticity.
  • They offer security in any weather conditions, that’s why they are recommended for mountain areas or areas by the sea.
  • They provide stable project budget, as a result of the exact cost accounting of the materials and their assembly as well as the means of their transport.
  • Their construction reduces the accomplishment and delivery time up to 50-75%, comparing with the construction of concrete buildings and depresses the construction cost, because of the use of prefabricated units.
  • They have design and architectural flexibility.
  • They offer superior energy efficiency.

Galerakis Construction promises you a metal building that will last for generations!

Mixed Constructions

Galerakis Construction gives you the opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled benefits of a metal and a concrete building. These constructions combine the advantages of armed concrete and steel, dealing perfectly with the fire safety issue. They offer fire resistance and they afford excellent heat and sound insulation. Moreover, these constructions can be easily assembled and dismantled.

These combined material structures are becoming really popular. The metal building field is broadened more and more, as alloys and metal in combination with other materials are used in constructions.

Galerakis Construction, meeting timelines and deadlines as well as controlling costs, provides you with quality and on time delivery of the construction of your preference.