Services - Special Static Studies

Special Static Studies - Static Studies Special Static Studies - Static Studies Special Static Studies - Static Studies Special Static Studies - Static Studies

Our company has the ability to handle special static studies. Apart from classic ones, for buildings made of concrete, we can handle static studies for metal and composite building constructions. Metal buildings include both industrial with steel pillars and residences with space frames. For all the above, we can handle studies for residences or larger facilities, such as night clubs, hotel complexes, shopping centers, etc., according to the existing regulations.

Apart from buildings, the company handles studies of special building foundations (for example, with pile shafts), supporting walls, swimming pools, churches, tanks, etc. Finally, the company handles static resistance and reinforcement studies for the existing buildings. This means that we can examine the durability of the building and how much reinforcement is needed to meet as a newly-built.

The examination process of the existing building is different. The main factors are:

  • a) If the building has a license or it's unauthorized
  • b) When was the building constructed
  • c) If there was a provision for an additional floor in the original study.

As for the existing buildings with an extension in height, the study is made for every material the existing building and the extension are made of, for example, a stone ground floor with an extension of a metal floor, etc.

Special Issues

Our company can also deal with individual issues such as:

  • Licenses for stores
  • Topographical designs
  • Use of land
  • Survey of existing buildings
  • Interior and outdoor decoration studies
  • Main-use certificates
  • Photorealism
  • Videos
  • Checking of topographical and static designs for property purchase.