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Nowadays, the increasing number of burglaries in residences and businesses requires the installation of a cutting-edge security system, which will provide a safe environment to live.

By installing a state-of-the-art security system, you actually create a delay, when a burglar attempts to get into your house, until the police arrives.
The more intricate is a security system, the more difficult is its possible deactivation.

However, it is debated whether having a security system decreases the chances of a burglary, as if a burglar might move on to another house.

These days, thieves invade residences and business places, without being worried whether the occupants are in the place. Therefore, a security system should be installed in order to protect ourselves.

It is obvious that the installation of a security system is a serious matter, even an investment, if you take account of its cost. Professionals designing and installing a security system have in mind that they are dealing with a very sensitive issue.

Therefore, in any case, you shouldn’t trust the installation of your security system to a friend, who has some knowledge of electronics or an amateur electrician. There are various aspects that should be considered, before the final installation takes place.

Having decided to install such a system, then you have to apply to a company, which has the relevant authorization to provide security systems.

The expert staff of these companies will visit and realise a technical study of the place, registering your needs and suggesting various technology solutions, according to the international security standards and of course, your demands, within the lowest possible budget. When you receive the system’s study, you have to obtain quotes from many companies, so as to compare prices and finally make the right decision.

Having approved a quote, a technician of the specific company will install the security system, trying not to create any damages in the place. When the installation is over, the technician is obliged to show you how the system functions and provide you with all the manuals as well as warranty, which must last at least 2 years, according to the new directive of European Union. Warranty must provide preventive system control at least once a year.

A Security System includes:

  • A control panel having an integrated semi-conductor microprocessor and communication protocols (superior speed of data transmission) with a central monitoring station***
  • An activation and deactivation keypad.
  • Motion/ Heat/ Microwave detectors.
  • Magnetic contacts.
  • Glass break detectors.
  • Fire detectors.
  • Propane or natural gas detectors.
  • Panic buttons.
  • Autonomous external sirens with a sound and light signal.
  • Dry cell batteries

Optionally, you can install an analogue device, which in case of its activation, calls up to 8 or 14-digit telephone numbers or a GSM device, which is able to send a message to a central monitoring station, mobile or telephone, even when there is a current breaking.

This system, should have at least 12 hours autonomy, in the event of a current breaking. All above accessories can be wireless, having a relevant cost increase.

Necessary services after the installation


After 2 years of your system installation, a maintenance control should be done by an expert technician so as to be sure of your system’s function.

The company, that installed your security system, will possibly provide maintenance service after the 2-year period. Stating all the above reasons, it is obvious that you should sign a contract with the responsible company.

Additional services after the installation

In case you desire additional services, as :

  • Connection and surveillance of your system by a central monitoring station.
  • Direct intervention of patrol cars of the responsible company.
  • Notification of the police.
  • Telephone notification of the people who have keys of your place.

The responsible company will provide them with a cost of 9,00 to 35,22 euro per month, considering the company.Thus, you will have a local scope system, which will be supervised on 24-hour basis by an operator.