Services - Collaboration with Banks (Loans)

Galerakis Constructions assures you the approval of receiving a loan with the most convenient terms of the bank market. Cooperating with experts in the loans field, our company manages the approval of:

  • Residential loans for the purchase of a residence or a vacation house.
  • Loans for a purchase of a plot.
  • Loans for a building construction, its completion and repair.
  • Professional and business loans.

The loans are provided by the most reliable banks, as the selection of the bank is made according to your needs. Our consultants will guide you during the whole procedure and will help you in taking decisions.

You shouldn’t worry about funding your dreams.

Galerakis Construction will do its best to help you to accomplish your goals!

  • Aspis Bank

    Aspis Bank
  • Emporiki Bank

    Emporiki Bank
  • National Bank of Greece

    National Bank of Greece
  • Geniki Bank

    Geniki Bank
  • Bank of Cyprus

    Bank of Cyprus
  • Millennium Bank

    Millennium Bank